What is a local move? As a rule, moving locally means you don’t go further than 100 miles. How much does it cost to move furniture locally? As always, it depends on what you’re planning to move. Some people don’t bother about moving furniture to a new apartment. However, there are people who want to take some pieces like a sofa with them.

How Much Does It Cost To Move Furniture Locally
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If you think about moving furniture yourself, it’s worth mentioning that a DIY move of big pieces can take too much of your health and nerves. Even if you feel that you have the strength to carry a huge plasma or sofa, the opposite would true in most cases. Besides, you don’t know all the hidden pitfalls of moving a sofa downstairs. Plus, you will have to pay for a truck, and also packing and moving supplies. Loading and loading furniture even with the help of two or three friends can be rather a challenging task. That’s why we would highly recommend you to hire decent NYC movers to carry out the entire moving process.

When choosing a moving company, make sure you won’t have to pay for all their hidden fees you didn’t know about when hiring them. we have already told our readers how much movers cost for a local move, but let’s focus on moving furniture.

Most moving companies charge by hour. EQ Movers have a simple pricing policy the best rates. For instance, two movers and a truck will cost you $70 per hour. This price includes furniture assembling and disassembling, any stairs involved, and any additional stops to be made. How much does it cost to move furniture locally? If you’re planning to move furniture and other belongings of a one-bedroom apartment, movers can cost you $210 to $350 if the process will take up to five hours. In case you’re planning to move only some pieces of furniture, the amount will be less.

When talking about how much it costs to move furniture locally, we should say that it all depends on what you’re going to move and how much time this will take.