Planning another trip to the Big Apple? But how much will it cost to go to New York? It’s no secret that NY is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but what are the approximate numbers for a trip there? The amount of money you will spend depends on a lot of factors. Let’s look at some details below.

How Much Will It Cost To Go To New York?
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To find out how much it will cost to go to New York you should know what you’re going to do there. Are you going to do a lot of shopping? Would you like to go to all the sightseeing places? Since everything costs a fortune in New York, it’s always good to save on something. City Pass and NewYork Pass cards will give you great discounts on lots of tourist attractions. These can save you up to $40 on sightseeing. Besides, most museums have days with free or low admission. Another thing to mention when talking about how much it can cost to go to New York is the use of public transportation. A bus or subway ride can cost only $2.75, so why spend much on taxis?

But when is the best time to visit NY? If you don’t want to see an overcrowded New York City and save something on hotel rooms, go there in winter after the holidays.Incase you can’t stand low temperatures go to NYC during other seasons, but get ready for the biggest crowds you’ve ever seen.

How Much Will It Cost To Go To New York?
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So, how much will it cost to go to New York? As always, it depends on the places you’re going to visit and live in. A dinner for two at an inexpensive restaurant costs around $80 on the average. Check the Groupon to get some deals on dining out. The good news is that NYC also offers tons of great cheap food. Plus, the city always offers some happy hours and daily deals. A hotel room usually costs around $280, so do your best to find a decent hotel or hostel with the cheapest rates. A hostel sometimes costs only $60 per night.

If you save on the hotel, dining out and visit mostly free attractions it won’t cost much to go to New York. Go to the Central Park and enjoy all its greenery and friendly atmosphere. Visit the Times Square and choose the attraction you like most. Just remember that if you couldn’t visit some place in NY, it’s a good reason to come back.