As soon as you’re set to make the big move, lots of questions arise on the horizon. Where are you going to work and live? In case you already have a job, let’s find out how to find an apartment in a new city. Finding a decent place to live in NYC may seem a difficult and challenging task. But don’t worry, we’re here to show you every single step. So, get rid of that chill going down your spine, everything will be all right!

How To Find An Apartment In A New City
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Search The Neighborhoods

So, you’re new in the city. First of all, you should decide what neighborhood is most suitable for you. Will it provide a convenient commute to your job? Are apartments in the area more or less affordable? Dig all the reviews you can find about the nabes you’re interested it. Go to various forums and find out as much as you can. In case you’re moving for a job, ask your future employer for some assistance. As soon as you’ve narrowed down your search to two or three neighborhoods, visit them to feel the energy and atmosphere.

Search Online

How to find an apartment in a new city? The rental market of New York City is really fast, so you’d better comply with its rhythm. It’s good if your employer helps you with finding an apartment, but what if it’s not the case? Go to the best rental websites like,,, Listings Project, RentHop, Zumper, StreetEasy, and begin the search of your new dream home. You can also make a post on Facebook and let everyone know you’re looking for a place in NYC. No fee apartments are definitely your priority, but be careful and do your best to avoid scams. Use every chance to find a decent place in NYC. You could also hire a real estate agent in case you can afford to pay 18-20% for their services. However, it’s not so difficult to find a new place on your own.

How To Find An Apartment In A New City
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Make Your Choice

Before making the final decision, make sure the apartment meets all the necessary criteria. How close is it to public transportation? How long is it to the place you work? Being a young professional means living in an affordable place in the area with lots of interesting people. This will increase your chances to make friends in a new city. Are there lots of dining options close to the apartment? What about the nightlife? Get a sense of the area you may be moving to within a short period of time.

How To Find An Apartment In A New City
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Grab It Only After You See It

It is silly to sign the lease without seeing the apartment with your own eyes. If you can’t visit the place, ask someone to do it instead, but don’t get it unseen. Moreover, you should dig some information about the landlord and the building. Ask your future neighbors what they think of the neighborhood and the building. Feeling that something’s not right? Don’t close the deal before you make sure the apartment and landlord are reliable. In case you’re 100% sure that you want the place, sign the lease before someone else does.

Once you’ve found the right apartment, finish packing your belongings and get ready for the big move. As soon as you’ve settled down, read our tips on how to make your new apartment feel like home. Now you know how to find an apartment in a new city. Did we miss anything important? You’re most welcome to share your thoughts in comments.