They always say that keeping organized is what can make your move more manageable and a lot less stressful. Disorganization will become a synonym of stress in case you don’t stick to moving tips. Paying attention to the tiniest detail can be crucially important. What seems a trifle today may become a problem tomorrow. You should even label your moving boxes properly. An unmarked box will be no fun when you arrive at a new place and start unpacking. How to label moving boxes? It’s good to have an  organized strategy to ease the process of unpacking. Have a look at our recommendations.

How To Label Moving Boxes
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Labeling Tools

How To Label Moving Boxes
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If you want to easily identify each box, buy colored tape of different colors. Each color should identify a room or zone of the house or apartment. For instance, all items belonging to your bedroom can be assigned with a blue duct tape, all kitchen supplies can get a green color of tape, and so on, and so forth. Put pieces of tape on two or three sides of the box. The color coding system is your secret weapon in staying organized during the move. Don’t forget to make a list of each color and the room or zone it should go to.

Little Secrets

You can choose your own labeling system, but there are some small rules we would recommend you to stick to.

  1. Make sure each box has labels on top of it and at least two of its sides.
  2. If you don’t want your labels to fall off, get smudged or get wet during the move, place a piece of tape over each label.
  3. If you use second-hand boxes that already have some labels, out yours on top of the old ones.
  4. Don’t forget to mark the boxes with FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE when necessary.

How to label moving boxes? Stick to our recommendations, so that each box would go to the room or zone it belongs to.