How To Make A New Apartment Feel Like Home

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Moving in NYC is almost a constant thing. We move in, then move out, and these actions repeat one another more than once. But we do want our new apartment to be a safe and cozy place to return to after a long day. An apartment should be more than four walls and a roof to spend a night under. How can we make a new apartment feel like home? Check out our interior tips!

How To Make A New Apartment Feel Like Home
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Clean Up

As a rule, an apartment has been cleaned before you move in. Since we don’t live in the perfect world, it’s not always the case. We would suggest you doing a deep clean before unpacking all of your stuff. Let it be a fresh start at the new place. Some people really freak out at the thought of someone else living in their apartment before them. Vacuum, mop and scrub every bit of the place.


Lighting is a powerful thing that can make your new apartment feel like home. Designers say that every room should have three lighting sources to make a room cozy and create zones. Don’t limit your options by using only the overhead lights. Try adding a lamp to your night table. A standing lamp in the corner is also a good option here. When planning your interior design, use bulbs that will provide the warm and gentle glow. Another useful tip here is lighting some candles that are always a safe bet in making your apartment a cozy place. A few candles can easily change the atmosphere of the room.

Hang Up Some Photos

How To Make A New Apartment Feel Like Home
Photo credit: Paragon Apartments via Source / CC BY

You most definitely have some special moments in your life saved in pictures. If you want to make a new apartment feel like home, hang some of the most valuable ones on the wall and feel their warmth. You can also hand your favorite artwork and enjoy the view every day. We do know that hanging anything is a pain, but it’s really worth the trouble.

Stock Up Essentials

Every home has a decent stock of products, so go to the nearest grocery store and buy everything you might need. You’d better make a list before going to the store so that nothing unnecessary would be bought. Be smart with your budget and save something for the things you really need.

Have A Party

As soon as the first things have been settled, it’s time to invite your friends and cherish this special moment together. Your laughter will fill the atmosphere with warmth. A great party is one of the merriest tips when thinking about how to make a new apartment feel like home. The most important thing in your home are the memories you create being here. Make it more than a shelter; invite some friends every now and then.

Explore The Neighborhood

How To Make A New Apartment Feel Like Home
Photo credit: James Ian L.A. via / CC BY

Introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Take a stroll around your new neighborhood. You can find some amazing places for going out and maybe find some new friends. It’s time to check whether the neighborhood is as amazing as it has been described in the listing. Smile at people, even if you don’t think it’s that important.

We really hope that our tips will help you make a new apartment feel like home.

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