How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

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Living in a small apartment always leads to questions regarding space saving and room enlargement tips. A small bedroom can make you feel uncomfortable. Looking for inspiration on how to make your bedroom look bigger? Smart ideas regarding storage and natural light are usually the first things coming to our mind. What else? Have a look at our tips below. We hope they will inspire you today!

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger
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Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelving will gain you some additional space for storage and add more coziness at the same time. The experts say that it’s better to stick to the shelving of up to 12 inches deep. Some of its units can serve you as bedside tables. This would save even more space, which is exactly what you need to make your small bedroom look bigger. In order to make the walls look taller, your built-ins should be up to the ceiling.

Hang a bookshelf right under the ceiling. This will not only draw attention but also enlarge the space of your bedroom.

It’s All About Light

Use the advantage of natural light as much as you can. Your windows should be impeccably clean without heavy curtains that can absorb the precious light coming from the outside. There should be no furniture blocking the light from the windows. This will open up the space of the bedroom.

Use The Right Colors

It is a generally known fact that darker colors can make your room feel even smaller. You’d better choose light colors for your walls and floor. BTW, long stripes on your floor or wall will elongate the bedroom’s space. To achieve the maximum extent, place the stripes along the length of the room. You could simply lay a striped rug on the floor. Your bed sheets and quilts should be of light colors as they reflect the light. Besides, bright rooms are much more inviting.

Another useful tip to enlarge your bedroom is to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. If you have a white ceiling and walls of a darker color, this will shrink the already small space. However, some designers say a darker ceiling creates additional depth for the room. Smart color techniques will always help you out in making your small bedroom look bigger.


How to make your bedroom look bigger? It’s no secret that mirrors are one of the simplest ways to make your room look bigger. The right accent on mirrors will add some illusion of space. Use the trick of placing two mirrors that face each other. Don’t forget that they should be of the same size. Fool length mirrors will easily make any space look taller. Since large mirrors are usually quite pricey, find small ones at a reasonable price and group them on the wall. Well-placed mirrors will do wonders when you look for answers on how to make your small bedroom look bigger

Multifunctional Furniture

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger
Photo credit: Josh and Melanie Rosenthal via / CC BY-SA

It goes without saying that there should be no unnecessary furniture in the bedroom. Declutter your small space to the maximum extent. You’d better invest in functional pieces of furniture like an ottoman to store some blankets. The bed should also have some hidden space to hide some blankets or pillows you don’t need for the moment. To open up the floor space, move your bed to one of the corners. Instead of placing a lamp on a bedside table, hang a pendant on the wall next to it. Your aim is to save as much room as possible, so focus on space-saving furniture options.

Hope now you know how to make your bedroom look bigger.

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How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger
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