How To Pack For A Move in New York

How To Pack For A Move in New York

Moving to a new home can be a daunting task, especially in a bustling city like New York. One of the most significant challenges is finding a reliable and affordable moving service. With so many options available, the cost of hiring movers in NYC can vary greatly. This article will help you understand the factors that influence the cost and provide tips on how to find the best deal.

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Packing for a move is more than just putting things into boxes. It requires organization and coordination so nothing gets lost during transit. And to make it less of a chore, it’s crucial to know how to pack for a move in New York more efficiently.
Packing is time and energy-consuming. It involves lifting heavy boxes, moving bulky furniture, and spending time trying to secure fragile items.
Here at EQ Moving, we know that packing is an overwhelming task. To help you out, we listed some tips below that our movers use when packing a client’s belongings.

1. Get the right boxes

Before you start packing, ensure you have the correct box sizes.
The rule of thumb is to use smaller boxes for heavy items and larger boxes for light items.
For example, the best way on how to pack books for moving is to use small boxes. This way, the boxes will be easier to move and won’t break as you or the movers lift them around.
Meanwhile, lighter items like sheets, curtains, and pillows can be packed in larger boxes.
Aside from that, it’s best to set a weight limit for each box so that no one will break their back. The general rule is to keep boxes less than 50 lbs. max.
Consider using crates if you have heavy items that can’t fit inside a box.

2. Pack an essentials kit

Another hack we always do is giving our clients their ‘essentials box’. In this box, they will tuck important documents they need to access during the move.
Aside from paperwork, this box should include medication, bank records, money, keys, electronic devices, and some clothing.
We also recommend that you pack enough water and food for a day. You should also add a set of dinnerware so you won’t starve during your move day in NYC.
Make sure that you pack the essentials for each family member. Don’t forget to pack your pet’s needs, too!

3. Start from the least to the most important

Also, one mistake many homeowners commit is the lack of planning when packing their things.
To simplify, you should start packing the least to the most important items. It’s because essential items are the ones you’ll need up to the very last moment leading to your moving day.
So what are non-essentials? These are the items you don’t use daily. It includes CDs, artwork, books, vases, candles, etc.
After the non-essentials, you can start packing accessories and clothing. Here’s one tip on how to pack clothes for moving: plan five outfits and exclude them from packing.
This way, you won’t dig into boxes of clothing because you need a pair of pants or a shirt.
Once you have these basics sorted out, it’s time to pack each room. Here’s the recommended order: bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, as the last one.
To make it less stressful, plan and start packing as early as possible. This way, you won’t be rushed on your move day.

4. Create an inventory

Make sure that you maintain a ‘master list’ of all your belongings and where you put them. Number your boxes and list each item and the box number where they are located.
Update your moving checklist as you go to keep everything organized. We suggest using a small notebook to log your inventory instead of loose sheets that you can easily misplace.
Also, keep this notebook in your essentials kit or purse, so you can check it when needed.
Important note: some items like cleaning agents, ammunition, firearms, flammable objects, and other hazardous items may not be transported by NYC movers. In this case, you have to pack and move them separately.

5. Label your boxes

Aside from maintaining a list of your belongings, don’t forget to label your boxes. Include what’s inside the box and make sure it matches your written inventory.
You can write the contents on one side of the box or a piece of paper taped to it. Just make sure that it won’t be easily removed during transit.
The simple process of labeling your boxes takes out the guesswork during your move.

6. Cut back on clutter

Not many realize it, but moving is also an excellent time to declutter your belongings. As you go through each item, you can decide which one should go.
Decluttering is a good start, whether you’re moving a household or a business in New York. You can sell these items to earn extra bucks for your move.
If you don’t have time to sell it, you can donate it to a local thrift store or a charity.
Eliminating these will save you a lot of space in your new place. It will also make your move faster and more efficient.

7. Put heavier boxes at the bottom

When loading the boxes into the truck, make sure you put the heaviest boxes at the bottom. This is to prevent them from damaging lighter and softer items.
Also, the heaviest boxes should be placed toward the front of the moving truck. This ensures balance and prevents your belongings from sliding inside as the truck moves.
Aside from that, you should check if each box is filled and not loosely packed. You can use crumpled paper, towels, or clothing to fill gaps.
It’s because loosely packed boxes are unbalanced and won’t stack firmly inside the truck.

8. Don't mix items from different rooms

Avoid putting items from different rooms in the same box. This will make your unpacking more difficult and your inventory less organized.
This is why you should dedicate boxes per room and label them as such. To keep it simple, your box label should include a numbering system, the room in the house, and its contents.
This system will make your packing and moving in New York City much faster.

9. Use special crating if need be

Many items in your home can’t fit inside boxes. In this case, you may need special crating to secure them.
This is especially necessary for expensive artwork, antique pieces, rare collections, and heavy appliances. These items require sturdier packing materials than mere bubble wrap and tape.
At EQ Moving, our in-house staff can create custom crates for your belongings. We will make it on-site or as requested before your move date.

10. Hire professional packing and moving in NYC

If you don’t want to go through all the hassle above, you can always hire a professional packing service.
Moving companies in New York, like EQ Moving, offer partial and complete packing services at your convenience. We can pack your entire household, or you can choose which room you want us to work on.
We also supply your needed moving boxes. It starts at only $4 per box, which already includes an outer wrap and the packing service!
Aside from packing, we also provide all-inclusive moving services. This means we will handle everything during your move, so you don’t have to lift a finger.
Our NYC movers will pack, load, unload, and unpack your belongings. We also offer white-glove services if you want discreet and private moves anywhere in the US.
Call us, and our movers will save you from the hassle of hauling heavy boxes!
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How To Pack For A Move in New York
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