Color means a lot for your home, that’s why we like to refresh the paint in our homes. Want to know how to paint a room step by step? You have come to the right place. Our tips will tell you how to make the process of painting a room a piece of cake. It’s an easy DIY project you can easily handle yourself without calling a handyman. This task can take only a day or two.

How To Paint A Room Step By Step
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Tools You Need To Paint A Room

Get The Room Ready

Do the prep work a day or more before the work begins. There should be no furniture in your way. Move all the pieces of furniture out of the room. Large items can be moved to the center of the room.  If you need to paint only one wall, simply clear half of the room and move all the furniture to one side. Remember that you will do the work faster if there are fewer obstacles on your way.

Cover the floor and the furniture left in the room. The surface of at least two meters from the wall to be painted should be protected. Your floors need some extra protection. Put an open box under paint containers.

Prep The Walls

Clean the walls from any dust and grease spots. Remove all the nails and fill in the holes and other imperfections with a wood putty or joint compound. You should also remove smoke detectors, doorknobs, picture hangers, and electrical switch covers. Answering the question about how to paint a room step by step, we should mention that the surfaces to be painted should be flat, so scrape away any cracked paint. Wipe the

Apply the tape, to the areas not to be painted. The tape should be perfectly straight. You can remove it right after the walls are painted.

Painting Techniques

How To Paint A Room Step By Step
photo credit: Painting via photopin (license)

No matter what technique you’re going to choose, we will tell you how to paint a room step by step. To begin with, you should start from the corner, and paint the border using your paintbrush.  The cutting-in process can leave some brush marks, so you’ll need to cover them with the roller. Before start working with it, take the loose fibers away with a masking tape. Now, take the roller and cover the lines on it with the paint. However, the cover should be saturated, but not overloaded.

To deliver the paint, press the roller to the wall. At the same time, you’d better use moderate pressure to get the perfect amount of paint onto the wall. If you press too hard, there will be leaks left at the edge of the roller. You can put on the paint in a W, M or N pattern. To avoid creating a distinct edge, lightly lift the roller away from the wall at the end of each stroke.

Other Useful Tips

Now you know how to paint a room step by step.  Good luck with your DIY project!