Fire in Brooklyn

Massive Fire Destroys Three Houses in Brooklyn

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New York firefighters battled a fast-spreading fire that destroyed three multi-family houses on Arlington Avenue in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. The firefighters suspect that the blaze has started in the garage behind the houses and quickly spread to other buildings, three of which were totally destroyed. The smoke filling the city skyline could be seen for miles. The scene was scary, people were screaming and crying. Fire in BrooklynMassive fire in Brooklyn

The six-alarm fire in Brooklyn out around 6:30 p.m. Sunday evening and quickly extended to nearby buildings and the church. The exterior of the church was damaged by the fire, but the firefighters distinguished it right away. It took 250 firefighters to take the flame under control.

Fire in BrooklynMassive fire in Brooklyn

All the houses were wood-frame homes. The roof of one of the houses collapsed. Some people shot cell phone videos of the scene.

Video by Orlando Almonte via


The fire in Brooklyn left nine families homeless. Some people were not even at home and learnt about the fire when the neighbors called them. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt. Nine people were injured, among which one firefighter and four civilians were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

The residents say they are most grateful for the fact that everyone stayed alive, because material things are not as important as life. They look devastated but sill grateful for what they have. The Red Cross will find housing for the residents.

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Fire in Brooklyn
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