Moving out to a new place is always exciting. New place and neighbors, new life! But before you move out and leave the old place behind, there are some important things to take care of.

Moving out
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Security Deposit

You may already know that when you sign an apartment lease, it is not only the monthly rent that you pay, but also a security deposit. Its aim is to cover any damages and expenses the landlord can undergo after you leave the apartment. You may not get your deposit back in case the apartment is left in a mess.

Clean your old place properly before heading to the new one. When you move out, the apartment has to be in that very condition as when you moved in. Of course, it’s not the only thing you should do to make the landlord pleased and happy to give your money back when you move out.

Give Notice

It’s better to communicate with the landlord about the moving out process. First of all, let your landlord know you’re moving out. Giving notice is very important, especially when you break the lease. The landlord should have time to find new tenants. Most leases require you to give the landlord a written notice about your intention to move out at least 30 days before the moving-out day.

Choose the date by which you’ll definitely leave the apartment, and stick to it. Let the landlord know about your moving out process, so that he or she could show the apartment to potential tenants.

Get Your Stuff Out

Empty Bedroom
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I mean it. You’re the one who takes care of moving out every bit of your stuff from the place.

If there’s something you don’t need anymore, list it on the Craiglist or find another way to get rid of the unnecessary things. There are tons of people looking for them at a decent price. Keep in mind that you won’t do future tenants or the landlord a favor by leaving some of your things in the apartment.

Even if you have a car or a friend with one, it is still better to hire a moving company with their trucks to move all your possessions.

Clean And Fix Everything

As it has already been mentioned, dust and clean every bit of the place. Before you begin, it’s important to move out most of your belongings, so that nothing would be missed.

If you want your deposit back, take care of the following things:

Nail in the wall
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Make the final walk and check every detail, make sure everything is nice and neat. Take pictures of the place, so that the landlord couldn’t accuse you of leaving the apartment in a mess.

The Last Day

Schedule the time to walk through the apartment with the landlord, showing that you took great care of everything. After you go through the move-out inspection, don’t forget to get a copy of it.

It’s also important to cut off all the utilities.

Finally, return all the keys. We really hope that your landlord will be glad to give the deposit back, and you will be able to spend this money at least to pay the moving company.

To sum it up, moving out is not so stressful when you plan everything ahead. Maybe you can add anything to our list? Your feedback is highly appreciated!