Population density 17,037 people per square mile

Number of schools 12

Cost of living index 144

Life expectancy 80

Livability score 74 very livable

Median Age 39

Overall Safety Rank 14

Moving To Country Club
Photo credit: MTAPhotos via / CC BY

General Information

Known as a family-friendly neighborhood in the Bronx, Country Club is a quiet place for you and your kids. Located close to the shoreline, the upscale nabe has a small-town feeling. Just imagine living in a place where you can smell the salt water at night, just like on vacation!   Enjoy the views of Eastchester Bay and peaceful streets. Have a walk and enjoy it simply looking at people’s amazing gardens. What other neighborhood in New York City can offer you a peaceful walk by the waterfront? The residents say they have access to Manhattan and a lot of room for themselves. Another upside of moving to Country Club is that it’s a safe place to live in.

Going Out

Although Country Club doesn’t offer great nightlife options,  there are great places to spend a weekend. Pelham Bay Park is located to the north. It is an oasis of pure nature occupying 2, 700 acres of open land. did you know that it is the largest park in NYC?  Enjoy its greenery during your running or cycling hours.

This friendly place also has a few nice pizza places and other dining and drinking options. However, if you’re looking for a vibrant nightlife and decent shopping, you would have to leave the borders of the neighborhood, which is a downside of moving to Country Club in case you want to have fun every now and then.

Moving To Country CLub
Photo credit: jasonippolito via / CC BY

Real Estate

Looking for an apartment in Country Club, you can find one in a single-family home, duplex or multi-family apartment building. Moving to Country Club, you will be able to find some low-key real estate options. If you’re planning to buy an apartment or house with a nice backyard, the neighborhood has some affordable options for young families with kids.


The residential neighborhood does not provide a convenient commute, so having a car is a must after moving to Country Club. However, the nabe is close to major highways and public transportation. You can catch the Number 6 Train to  get to Buhre Avenue and Middletown Road. The following buses serve the neighborhood: BX5, BX8, BX24, Q50, BXM8, and BXM9.

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