Population density 114 people per square mile

Number of schools 27

Cost of living index 213

Life expectancy 85 years

Livability score 84 extremely livable

Median Age: 33

Overall Safety Rank 14

Moving To The Upper East Side
Photo credit: Bosc d’Anjou via Source / CC BY

General Information

Located east of Central Park, the Upper East Side is a classic and chic part of NYC. It is suitable for families and young professionals. Low crime rates, hundreds of places to go out, as well as well-known landmarks make the neighborhood so popular among New Yorkers.  It is also known for the high-class real estate, swanky restaurants, and best designer boutiques. However, you can also find affordable apartments and quiet living in this peaceful place. The UES comprises Lenox Hill, Yorkville, Carnegie Hill and areas along Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, and 5th Avenue. Central Park and Carl Schurz Park provide the amazing greenery and best activities.

The neighborhood is a popular destination for people under 30. If you have kids, it has some great schools available for your choice: The Dalton SchoolThe Rudolph Steiner School, The Spence School, as well as P.S. 290 (The Manhattan New School) and P.S. 6 (The Lillie Devereaux Blake School). The Upper East Side has hundreds of playgrounds or your kids. You will always have a great way to spend time with the entire family.

Going Out

Moving to the Upper East Side, you will always know how to spend a night out. Nightlife is especially pulsing on Second Avenue. The neighborhood offers a wide variety of bars (Drunken Monkey,BaraondaCaledonia BarThe PenroseThe Auction House, Bemelmans) and restaurants (Sasabune, Sushi of Gari,Sushi SekiAmali,DanielLaduréeUvaTwo Little red HensHeidelbergUp ThaiFlex Mussels).

Most fancy and expensive restaurants are located on Park Avenue. If you’re looking for more casual food, Yorkville has a vast majority of pubs, case, and restaurants. Tired of the nightlife? Visit the Guggenheim Museumthe Jewish Museum or the Met. They’re located in the Museum Mile, which is a popular tourist destination.

Rental Market

Moving To The Upper East Side
Photo credit: edenpictures via / CC BY

As we have said, the neighborhood boasts in the upscale real estate. Moving to the Upper East Side, you should know that the median home sale price is $1,1M, while the median rent is $2,370. Being a young professional, you could consider 5splitting the rent with a roommate. In case you prefer living on your own, there are some one-bedroom apartments available from $2,200 per month. A Studio can cost you from $1,900 per month. The most expensive monthly rent Studios is about $3,800 per month. In case you have kids, two-bedroom apartments start from $2,800.


As for the commute, the UES is not so convenient, as it has just one main subway line (the 4/5/6) running through the neighborhood. There is also the F line at the very southern part of the area, then the N, R, and Q lines. You can also use bus routes and crosstown buses. Despite the fact that the transport system is not the best in the area, there’s hardly a reason to leave it.

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