50 Things You Should Know Before Moving To NYC

Moving to a new home can be a daunting task, especially in a bustling city like New York. One of the most significant challenges is finding a reliable and affordable moving service. With so many options available, the cost of hiring movers in NYC can vary greatly. This article will help you understand the factors that influence the cost and provide tips on how to find the best deal.

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Moving to a new place is always exciting, and moving to New York will never be easy, but it’s really worth it! Hope our tips will help to make your move easier and maybe more fun.

  1. To begin with, learn the order of the avenues. They’re: First, Second, Third, Lexington, Park, Madison, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, 10th, 11th and West Side Highway.
    Actually, there’s a difference between streets and avenues. The basic thing you should remember is that avenues run north while streets go east and west.
  2. The even numbered streets run east while the odd numbered ones head west.

    Parking on 18th Street

    Keep in mind that even numbered streets have eastbound traffic while odd numbered ones have westbound traffic.

  3. New York City is divided into five boroughs. They are Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. Of course, Manhattan is the most known place for the city best attractions.
    Each borough has its own personality and tons of attractions. Hope you’ll find time to learn all of them.
  4. You will hardly believe your eyes at seeing the cost of groceries in Manhattan.
    It’s no secret that living in New York has always been expensive. The cost of living here is much higher than the national average.
  5. And, yes, five dollars for a pint of domestic beer is pretty reasonable.
    Fortunately, there are happy hours, when you can have either 2 for 1 or few dollars off the regular price.
  6. Keep in mind that isn’t mud on your shoe. Like, EVER. So, watch out.
    The first thing you’re going to notice is that the city is pretty dirty, and there are a lot of homeless people in the streets.
  7. NYC apartments are extremely dry in the winter. You should definitely have a humidifier running as often as possible. Plus, don’t forget to clean it really well, as they tend to breed bacteria.
    Manufacturers recommend cleaning your humidifier every day, but of course, few people do so.
  8. You’ll notice pretty soon that there’s always something under construction.
    But, hey, the city needs to keep growing and moving on.
  9. Be careful picking up “female” prostitutes, or you might get really surprised 😉
    The Internet is full of stories about men caught by surprise. Try hard not to be one of them.
  10. Don’t overestimate your budget. You must have heard that New York is an extremely expensive city, but you never knew how fast your money would disappear. And all these GUCCI, PRADA on your way home will only make you feel poorer.


    You’re going to spend much more than you think. Fortunately, there’s always a chance to save money on almost everything. Look for special prices, sales, etc.

  11. Buy fruit and vegetables on stands you will see on every corner. Seriously, they’re cheap and delicious.                                                                             There are also lots of places where even groceries are not so expensive. Sometimes you have to sound Chinese, but it’s worth it 🙂
  12. You’d better not buy anything “cashmere” for $5 or $10.
    Cashmere apparel usually costs, at least, five times more than that. Its softness is worth every penny!
  13. Dress to impress, as people do care what you have on.
    NYC has a huge number of shops to find your best fit. Sale periods are always hot, so get ready to shop.
  14. Try hard not to fall asleep on a train. There’s always someone to get used of it. Be ready to see something you have never wanted to observe. Or just have something to read or look at when you’re on a train.
    On the subway
    photo credit: Thai food via photopin (license)

    Before you get on, let people get OFF the train. The pole is not for your entire body to lean on. Watch where you’re trying to put your hand or foot, as somebody may already be there.

  15. Good news! It’s easy to find a place with amazing doughnuts.                       You will easily find your special place. Besides, there are some lists of the best doughnuts to help you out.
  16. Learn not to look people in the eye. You’ll master this with time.
    All big cities are like that. Life in New York is much different from life in some small town.
  17. Central Park is the oasis of this concrete city. Have your coffee, relax, and be ready to move on soon. No matter how old you are, you will always find what to do there.
    But remember to keep your mind open for details. Have your coffee, relax, and be ready to move on soon.
  18. Did you know that most city parks in NY offer free WiFi?
    Which is great, actually, as you can always be online for whatever you need.
  19. New York is both trendy and super historic. There’s a huge amount of amazing places to visit.
    Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, American Museum of Natural History, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge are of course on top of the list of places to visit.
  20. No matter what you do, there always will be people that do it better than you. And that’s what should motivate.
    Do your best in everything, and even more. Sooner or later, you’ll see the results, just be passionate about what you’re doing.
  21. Everyone expects for tips.
    photo credit: Cleaning tables at Café Livre, Modena via photopin (license)
    photo credit: Cleaning tables at Café Livre, Modena via photopin (license)

    New York runs on money, so tip. Especially when you’ve found an excellent service, which is pretty rare nowadays.

  22. The subway lines are usually repaired at the weekends, so there are often delays.
    You should keep in mind the fact not to be late for your destination. At the weekend, some lines can even be closed.
  23.  Walk on the left, stand on the right.
    This might be one of the most important rules for newcomers.
  24. You will have a “pleasure” to meet a rat or, at least, a mouse. There are really lots of rats and even bedbugs.
    Do your best to get rid of the latter in your apartment. BTW, all bed bugs and their eggs can’t handle steam.
  25. After moving more than once, you will learn how to unpack after the move in less than a couple of hours.
    Find more about tips on how to prepare for moving in one of our posts. Hope you’ll find it helpful.
  1. This city will help you to finally stop caring what other people think of you. And it’s pretty great, as you can be whatever you want and simply don’t care, so no one will stop you.
  2. You may get a lot of rejections when looking for a job, apartment or date. Remember that your perfect job, date, whatever, is out there, just grab it!
  3. Staring into the windows of the building across the street might be really exciting. Just don’t get overexcited, if you know what I’m saying.
  4. You won’t have free time for strangers. Well, you will at first, actually, but then you will learn to ignore all the unnecessary stuff.
  5. The sound of silence will seem suspicious to you. This city never sleeps, so learn to keep its rhythm. Our life is all about moving.
  6. You should always have some cash as there will definitely be a machine that takes only cash for metro cards. Plus, you will find a lot of stuff worth eating to be cash only. Taste every bit. This city has tons of flavors to cherish.
  7. Amazing Chinese food is available 24/7. This simple fact is worth staying for, don’t you think?
  8. Don’t confuse Uptown and Downtown Subway Stations. Always double check the sign before heading in. “Downtown” means below 14th Streeton Manhattan.
    photo credit: The exit via photopin (license)
    Unfortunately, this only becomes clear after you swipe your MetroCard.
  9. BTW, the subway is the best way to get around New York City. It connects everyone, and you will definitely hate it during the summer, just like everyone else does.
  10. To know what part of the corner you’re standing on and what direction you can exit the subway from, you’d better pay attention to the SW-NW-SE-NE signs near the exit. This will also save you some time. You can always find a subway map on platforms.
  11. If you need to know how to get somewhere, it’s better not to ask a person with a subway map.
  12. Rather than being “on time”, try to be early, as there most definitely will be a problem with a train.
  13. Sometimes, a cab ride can make you fear for your life. Try to stay calm, anyway.
  14. This city will make you stronger. But who looks for easy paths, right?
  15. Headphones. You will need them everywhere. Seriously, there will be times you will have to pretend not to hear someone. Make a great and long playlist to enjoy your way. Move along with your music.
  16. If you’re going somewhere in a cab, have a good idea of where you’re going to, as you’ll have to show them the way. FYI: if the number on top of the cab is lit up – it’s empty, in case it’s not – someone is already in, and when the whole cab is on – it’s an off-duty code.
  17. You can easily find free events here.  You can also go to a lot of museums. So, you will never get bored. Enjoy every moment!
  18. New York is only quiet at night, during a snowstorm.
    Snow Storm
    photo credit: When the snow comes via photopin (license)
    And, of course, it will be almost impossible to get a cab at such times.
  19. Don’t poke the crazy people.
    photo credit: The Stare via photopin (license)
    There will be dozens of crazy people catching your eye, but you’ll get used to it.
  20. People may be rude to you for no particular reason. However, you will have somebody to lean on. It’s not so easy to find a true friend in such a big city. But once you’ve found them, cherish every moment spent together.
  21. Your apartment will cost a small fortune. So, when you will finally find an apartment within your price range, and even in a nice neighborhood, you will try hard to figure out what’s wrong with it. Remember that you pay not for the apartment you live in, but for the neighborhood, you live in. Don’t forget to hire a decent moving company not to complicate everything.
  22. Beware of air conditioners. They will leak on you in case you walk too close to buildings. Keep the distance, as it might save you some money on laundry expenses.
  23. You might want to run away from all of this. You really shouldn’t, though.
  24. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! Just imagine how strong and happy you’ll become soon!
  25. Despite all the mentioned facts, you will still say to everyone that New York is the most wonderful place on Earth.
Hope you enjoined all the things you have read, and they will make your moving to New York City a tiny bit easier. You will definitely fall in love with it, sooner or later.
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