average moving cost in nyc

Average Moving Costs in New York

Moving to a new home can be a daunting task, especially in a bustling city like New York. One of the most significant challenges is finding a reliable and affordable moving service. With so many options available, the cost of hiring movers in NYC can vary greatly. This article will help you understand the factors that influence the cost and provide tips on how to find the best deal.

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Moving is a big life decision with corresponding expenses. There’s no way around these fees, but there are steps you can take to slash the bill. By knowing the average moving costs in New York, you can plan your budget and look for potential savings.

Remember that moving costs are not confined during the moving day. The ball starts rolling even before you start packing.

You have to factor in the packing supplies, distance, complexity, and size of your move. A moving company in New York can asses all these factors to see how much budget you need to shell out.

Overall, moving costs vary largely per location. But what if you’re moving from NYC? How much is the price?

Below, we discussed the average moving cost, how to save money, and what you should know before hiring movers. 

How much are moving fees in New York?

Cost is the first thing that comes to mind when planning a move. In NYC, moving fees usually start at $20 to $60 per hour for every mover. This cost can be higher or lower, depending on the inclusions of your contract.

The price is unique for each move since it depends on a variety of factors discussed below: 

1. Move size

Moving will cost at least $120 per hour for modest apartments with few belongings. This includes two movers, a truck, moving equipment, gas, and furniture assembly/disassembly.

If you’re moving a 3 or 4-bedroom household, expect to pay much more. In NYC, multi-bedroom moves will set you back at $180 an hour with at least 4 movers.

Take note that hiring fewer movers will not help you save money. The work will only take longer, adding to your per-hour rate. 

2. The complexity of the move

Long flights of stairs, no service elevator, and tight walkups will increase your moving cost. For example, the cost of moving a studio apartment locally can increase by 50% under these circumstances.

Aside from the demands of your location, you also have to factor in the weather. Moves can be slower and more challenging in inclement weather, which will slightly impact your moving fees. 

3. Move schedule

Moving companies in New York tend to be busy on holidays and weekends. These are peak days when movers work extra hours to accommodate more clients. On average, this will cost $180 per hour with 4 movers.

Also, you should expect to pay a slightly higher fee during summer since it’s the peak season.

Last-minute moves also have higher costs than pre-scheduled services. You’ll get a higher price since only a few trucks and movers are available. So if possible, you should try to book at least a month before your desired move date. 

4. Move distance

The distance between your old and new place impacts your overall moving costs. Besides, distance will affect travel time, fuel costs, and working hours.

Long-distance moves are more expensive than local moving in NYC. It’s due to the mileage, tolls, fuel, and weekly surcharges that some moving companies charge.

For long-distance moves, look for a moving company that offers fixed rates. This way, there will be no surprises on your moving costs. 

5. Packing services

Take note that packing services are not yet included in the basic moving plan you’ll avail. Moving companies offer this as an additional service with separate pricing.

Depending on the moving company, packing services are charged per box or per hour. If you want to save money, opt for per-box pricing.

Aside from the service cost, you’ll also pay for the packing materials. This includes all boxes, tape, pallet wraps, crates, etc., that will be used.

Moreover, special items like heirloom pieces, musical instruments, and expensive collections require careful handling. It also demands custom packaging and expert movers, which will cost more on your final billing.

Here at EQ Moving, we provide both packing services and supplies for every move. Our box bundles start at $45, which already includes 25 items, an outer wrap, and packing services.

If you need custom packaging, we will provide a custom quote. This will be included in your bill of lading with a complete breakdown of expenses. 

6. The number of trucks required.

On average, a package with two movers and one truck will cost $120 per hour. The cost will go higher if you need another truck.

Renting a second truck means you have more items to pack, load, and move. So aside from the additional cost of a second vehicle, you’ll also spend more on hiring extra movers and packing services. 

7. Assembly and disassembly

Some pieces of furniture need assembly and disassembly services. This includes large beds, dressers, vanity tables, and sectional sofas.

This service is usually part of the basic pricing of most moving companies like EQ Moving.

If you want premium assembly and disassembly, you can book a white-glove service. This specialized service is for those who prefer confidential, low-key, and luxurious moving. However, this is costlier than regular moving rates. 

8. Miscellaneous expenses

Aside from the fees you pay for the moving service, you also have to factor in connections and utilities. You probably have to book a temporary place to stay during the move, like a hotel room.

Also, you’ll pay for disconnection and reconnection fees for your WiFi and electricity. You must plan this early to avoid penalties from your provider. 

How to save money on your move

Moving is stressful and costly, but there are ways to ease the financial burden. If you’re planning to move from NYC, here are some cost-saving tips to keep in mind: 

Hire a local moving company.

Your choice of moving company will impact your budget. With this, look for one with reasonable rates that fit your budget.

Hiring local movers is a wise move. Unlike national movers, local moving companies have lower rates and are readily available in your area.

You should also check the company’s reviews and see if there are pricing complaints. Are they charging hidden fees? Are there previous clients complaining about surprise charges? 

Pack your belongings

Another way to save some bucks is to pack your things instead of hiring a service. This will also give you full control of how you want your belongings to be secured.

However, DIY packing takes a lot of time and energy. You have to do all the lifting and wrapping. If you’re packing a 3-bedroom house on your own, you’re better off calling a packing service.

While you’ll pay a small fee, it’s just a small sacrifice compared to the time and effort you’ll save. Besides, who wants to break their back lifting heavy boxes? 

Purge items you don't need

You can save on packing costs by removing items you no longer need. This can be old clothes you haven’t worn for a long time or furniture that won’t fit in your new place.

You can donate these items or host a yard sale before you move out. Aside from cleaning up the clutter, you also get additional cash to cover some moving expenses. It’s a win-win situation for any household. 

Don't pick the lowest bidder.

This may sound counterintuitive, but let us explain.

Cheap isn’t always good when moving. A lowball estimate is a red flag for lousy service and substandard packing supplies.

Moving companies need to make money, so if they charge you much less than others, it should be a cause for concern.

It could mean they are outsourcing movers or have a bad industry reputation. Worse, they may cancel on you on short notice.

While reliable movers cost a little more, they will save you from inconvenience. You’ll have peace of mind, and your move will be smooth-sailing. 

Be smart with scheduling.

If possible, book your move during the off-season. Choose weekdays and avoid the summer months, as these are the most expensive.

Also, book your move as early as possible. This will save you from last-minute fees and increase your chance of getting a deal from the moving company. 

Watch out for special promos.

Moving companies run special promos a few times a year. Before booking, check if the company has any so that you can save some money.

Other moving companies also offer discounts to repeat customers. Paired with a special promo, this could translate to several hundred dollars in savings. 

Are you looking for affordable NYC movers?

Moving entails a lion’s share of tasks. But you don’t have to go through it alone. If you’re looking for NYC movers you can trust, don’t hesitate to call EQ Moving.

We’ve been moving fellow New Yorkers in and out of the state for 20+ years. As a family-owned and operated company, we provide the same service we would want our loved ones to experience.

Our team is ready to move you from NYC to any point in the contiguous United States. We have our truck fleet and in-house movers who are available 24/7.

Let us ease the burden of your move. Call us, and our team will get you moving for an affordable price. 

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