When you think about moving, the biggest concern is usually the cost. How much do movers cost for a one-bedroom apartment? The price is determined by various factors, such as distance or weight of your belongings. The process of moving requires lots of organization and it’s more time-consuming than you might think.

How Much Do Movers Cost For A One-Bedroom Apartment?
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People often think that the cheapest way to move a one-bedroom apartment is to do it themselves. But we would highly recommend you to hire professional movers as it’s the only way to make this process easy for you. Even if you’re still thinking about moving your one-bedroom apartment yourself, keep in mind that you will have to rent a truck and pay for packing supplies anyway. Some truck owners may require you to buy fuel for the truck you’re renting.

Asking your friends to move your one-bedroom apartment isn’t a good idea either. They most definitely don’t have a truck, and moving all of your belongings in a car would take too much time and effort. But what if anything goes wrong during the move? Who will pay for the damage caused? All professional movers in NYC are licensed and insured, so they are a better option here. So, how much do movers cost for a one-bedroom apartment? Let’s have a look at some details below.

If you’re planning to move your one-bedroom apartment not more than 100 miles away, it’s considered a local move. An average hourly rate to move a one-bedroom apartment is about $100. Excellent Quality movers have very reasonable pricing and their rate starts at $70. It usually takes three to five hours to move a one-bedroom apartment, so movers can cost you from $210 to $350.

Ask your movers what extra charges can be applied during the move. If you want to save on packing, do it yourself. Try looking for boxes in furniture stores. Start packing with the things you aren’t going to need in the nearest future. Make sure you label all of the boxes so that you could know what’s in there.

Tell your movers what floor you’re moving from/to. Some of them can charge extra fees for higher floors. Make sure your movers can drive their truck close to the entrance of the building you’re moving from/to.

The best way to know exactly how much movers cost for a one-bedroom apartment is to choose three or four moving companies and get their estimates. Keep in mind that hiring decent movers in NYC is crucial here.