The first thing to say in this post is that the real estate market of New York City is much more expensive than those in other states. Saying this just in case, so that you would be ready for the rental prices mentioned below. How much do one-bedroom apartments cost? The price depends a lot on the neighborhood you’re planning to move to. Define your budget before beginning the search.

You may already know that places in Manhattan are generally more expensive than in, say, Queens. Plus, one-bedroom apartments usually cost more than studios. But you can actually find a decent one-bedroom apartment in Upper or Lower East Side at a reasonable monthly rent. In case you have just started your career, consider splitting your monthly payment with a roommate. A one-bedroom apartment can cost from $1,600 in Harlem while rental prices start from $2,300 in Upper West Side.

How Much Do One-Bedroom Apartments Cost?
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How much do one-bedroom apartments cost in Brooklyn? As always, prices vary from one neighborhood to another. You can find a nice place in Ditmas Park or Bushwick for only $1,300 per month. One-bedroom apartments in Williamsburg and Crown Heights start from $1,400 per month.

How much do one-bedroom apartments cost in Queens? No matter if you’re a young professional or have a family, Queens has nice neighborhoods to offer. On the average, one-bedroom apartments cost from $1,400 in this friendly borough. If you’re looking for the lowest rates – go to the Bronx. A one-bedroom apartment can cost you only $1,200 per month. Give the Bronx a chance and it will surprise you. According to Elliman report, one-bedroom apartments cost $3,534 on the average in Manhattan, $2,759 in Brooklyn, while a one-bedroom apartment cost $2,809 in Queens.

When thinking about how much a one-bedroom apartment costs in NYC, decide what the place should look like. Before you choose the right place, consider all the factors including the proximity to subway stations, etc. Best of luck in your apartment hunting!