how to move a piano in New York

How To Move a Piano in New York

Moving to a new home can be a daunting task, especially in a bustling city like New York. One of the most significant challenges is finding a reliable and affordable moving service. With so many options available, the cost of hiring movers in NYC can vary greatly. This article will help you understand the factors that influence the cost and provide tips on how to find the best deal.

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Pianos are beautiful musical instruments but moving them is no easy feat. Transferring it to a new location will put your strength to the test, especially if it’s a concert grand. So instead of wondering how to move a piano yourself, it’s wiser to hire professional movers.

Unlike other pieces of furniture, pianos are delicate, heavy, and require special equipment. Moving it on your own can cause expensive damage to the instrument and put everyone involved at risk.

If you’re interested in how professional piano movers do the job, you’re at the right post. Here, we discuss our procedure for moving pianos, safety tips, and why you shouldn’t do it yourself. 

Who can move a piano?

Only trained and insured piano movers should handle the transfer of this instrument. It takes at least 3 to 4 people to haul a piano — or more, depending on the size.

Moving a piano on your own can cause damage not just to the instrument but also to doorways, stairs, and floors. Worse, it can also lead to life-threatening injuries.

While DIY piano moving may seem cost-saving, it could set you back even more on repairs. If you’ve paid for piano repairs before, you know that it’s not cheap.

But can regular movers move a piano? Generally, no.

Pianos are specialized items, and not all movers are trained enough to handle them. So if you’re going to hire movers, make sure that they have experience with this instrument.

If you’re looking for piano movers in New York, don’t hesitate to call Excellent Quality Moving. We are experts in moving grand, baby grand, upright, digital, and all piano types. 

How to move an upright piano

Upright pianos are smaller than grand, so it’s easier to move. Nevertheless, it requires precision and skill to ensure the instrument’s safety. 

Here’s a quick rundown of our process:

Check and measure the path. The first thing we do is survey the area and map out the way. We measure doorways and see if the piano will fit through.

Clear the area. Once we’ve established the path, we remove obstructions. This includes carpeting, decorations, and furniture that may get in the way. We also place floor covers to prevent scratches.

Prepare all needed equipment. Next, we bring moving blankets, packaging tape, moving straps, cushions, and pallet wraps from our trucks. If requested, we can also make customized crates.

Wrap the piano and chair. We proceed to wrap the piano chair and the piano itself. With upright models, we don’t usually disassemble any parts. We wrap it with moving blankets and pallet wraps for utmost safety.

Secure the piano into the dolly. Next, we lift the piano and strap it into a dolly. While upright pianos are smaller than grand, they can still weigh up to 800 lbs.

Load the piano onto the truck. To load the upright piano, we use a ramp where 2 to 3 people push and assist. We also strap the piano inside the truck to keep it in place during the trip.

Deliver it to the new location. Lastly, we drive and deliver your upright piano to the new location. We unload and unwrap the instrument for your convenience. If you like, we also offer white-glove services.

How to move a grand piano

Grand pianos are a beast to move. Baby grands usually weigh 550 lbs. while full-sized concert grands can be as heavy as 1,200 lbs.

For this challenging move, we usually follow this process:

Check and measure the path. In every move, we always check and clear the way. Grand pianos need a lot of space, so we always check doorways, stairways, and the distance from our truck.

Prepare all needed equipment. We use a lot of moving blankets for grand pianos. Also, we utilized piano lifts for a secure and fast move.

Clear the area. We ensure that the area around the piano is clear. We always request that any nearby furniture and decoration be removed.

Disassemble and wrap the lid. First, we unhinge the top and slowly move it away from the piano. We have a laid-out blanket on the floor, which we will use to wrap this part.

Disassemble and wrap the legs. Next, our mover unscrews the piano legs, starting with the front left one. Two others are holding the piano on the right and back sides. Then, we tilt the piano to the side to remove the remaining legs and wrap all of them individually.

Wrap the piano with blankets. Afterward, we wrap the entire piano with thick moving blankets, tape, and pallet wrap. Our movers do this painstakingly to protect the piano, especially on long-distance moves.

Place the grand piano on a hydraulic lift. Once everything is packaged, we use a hydraulic lift or ramp to load the instrument onto our truck.

Deliver it to the new location. Lastly, we deliver and re-assemble the grand piano in its new place.  

How to ship a piano to another state

Professional long-distance movers like EQ Moving can ship your piano to any state within the contiguous United States.

We have a large fleet of customized trucks and long-distance drivers ready to bring your piano anywhere in the US. Our expert piano movers ensure that your instrument will arrive safely.

Unlike consolidated freight or renting a truck yourself, long-distance piano movers offer specialized service. We move your piano while you focus on other important matters.

Overall, it’s safer, time-saving, and cost-efficient to hire professional movers for your interstate piano move. 

Safety reminders for piano moving

Piano moving is a challenging task, and safety should be a priority. Here are some crucial reminders to keep in mind for both piano owners and movers:

Never try to move a piano on your own. Even if you’re a ripped bodybuilder, there’s no way you can move a grand piano by yourself. It’s heavy, and one single move can lead to injuries. You need additional pairs of hands, skills, and durable equipment.

Don’t try to lift a falling piano alone. Pianos are expensive, but in case of accidents, never try to go under a falling piano to save it. It will crush you and cause life-threatening repercussions.

Protect the piano lid. One thing that newbie movers forget is to tape the keyboard lid shut. This part is heavy and can come swinging into you.

Don’t lift grand pianos by the legs. The legs are only attached to the piano body with screws. It’s not strong enough to support the weight of the piano. The instrument may fall off and become horribly damaged if you lift it this way.

Keep the pathway clear. You should remove all obstructions along the path where the piano will be moved out. It’s best to do this before the movers arrive to make the process easier and faster.

Place the piano at the back of the truck. Pianos should be placed at the back of the truck against the wall that separates the cargo and driver seat.

Wear comfortable clothing. When moving pianos, you must be nimble to move around. It’s important to wear closed-toe shoes with good traction and a simple shirt. Avoid clothes with excess fabric that may get tangled on the equipment.

Tune in to professional piano moving!

Pianos are specialized and expensive items. Instead of risking it and stressing yourself, consider hiring professionals like EQ Moving. We provide complete piano moving services in NYC and beyond.

Aside from upright and grand pianos, we also move organs and digital keyboards. Whatever the size, we deliver the same attention to detail as a concert grand.

Also, all our movers and trucks are in-house. Our team is always prompt and willing to go the extra mile to keep your instrument safe.

Whether you’re moving your piano in NYC or interstate, we are ready to take on the challenge. Call us, and we will make it happen. 

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