After you have found your dream apartment, signed the lease, wrote the check, and hired the best movers in NYC, there still remain plenty of things to do as soon as you move in, and so little time. That’s why moving into a new home is always super exciting and a bit confusing at the same time.

So, what are the essential things to have for moving in? Where do we start? Let’s make a checklist to help us out, as we usually remember about some big things, like a bed and a couch, and forget about small, but very important items.

Set a Budget

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Before you go and buy everything you need, figure out how much you can spend to outfit your new place. Try to be realistic. You’d better buy all this stuff before the move. Once the budget is set, do your best to find great bargains to cut your expenses as much as possible. Your priority is must-have things, things you really need, and then you can buy the items you want. You may already have some of them packed in the boxes ready for movers to take care of. Check them right away. Actually, it’s better not to use any of your old boxes. They may be not in the best condition. Ask the movers to provide brand new ones, so that nothing would be lost during the move.

Things to Buy

 Let’s divide our checklist into few areas and fill each of them. This will help us not to miss anything important. When we make lists and stay organized, the process of moving becomes much easier.

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 I guess it’s the most vital corner in your new home. Let’s take a good care of it.

Living room

You may already have a couch and a love seat being moved by the moving company. Still, there are some necessary things to chill out in this great corner.


BTW, extra lighting is always good for a bathroom.

Laundry Room

 In case you’re the lucky one to have it in your place, make sure you have everything you need for it.

Cleaning Supplies

Your new home definitely needs some cleaning after you move in, you’d better be ready for it.  Either you have a special room for the cleaning stuff or not, these are the must-have items:

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Other Important Things

When moving to a new place, it’s important to think of every detail.

It’s no wonder that people may forget about something as the number of items to remember is huge. What are the small things you have forgotten to take for moving to a new home? You’re most welcome to share your thoughts in comments.