Being organized means being ready for the move. When you’re ready, nothing prevents you from feeling happy and excited about the new beginning, the new start in your life. Every step should be considered carefully so that everything would go smoothly on the moving day. Since packing takes most of the time in this long process, we should know what to pack first when moving. It’s really good to have a file with everything related to the move. In case you’re not the kind of person who has everything in the phone or laptop, purchase a two-pocket school folder and write everything down. Keep this file in a safe place, but keep in mind that you should be always able to add something to it.

What To Pack First When Moving
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All the planning process should start at least 6 to 8 weeks beforehand. To begin with, you should sort all of your belongings and get rid of the unwanted things. Sort through your books and records, and then give some of them to your friends. You might have spent years, and even decades collecting all of this, but it’s time to let something go. Have a look at this thing. Do you really need it? Organize a garage sale or simply donate everything you don’t need anymore. The next step is to create a packing list. After that, you can start looking for various boxes and packing materials. But should you start? What to pack first when moving? The first thing coming to mind is to pack the things you’re going to need least. But is that really all?

Six Weeks Before The Move

Okay, take all the stuff from the drawers and sort all of them. You can take one room at a time so that everything would be properly done. You may find some decorations, China dishes, photo albums, and books you rarely use. So pack them right now. Pack up the boxes and don’t forget to label each of them.

What To Pack First When Moving
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Five Weeks Before The Move

When talking about what to pack first when moving, we should get down to the following things:

These are the first things to pack for the move. Pack the labeled boxes and store them in a place where they wouldn’t get in your way. Hopefully, we have answered your question about what to pack first when moving. In case we have missed anything important, you’re most welcome to share your thoughts in comments.